Advent Calendars

In the summer of 2012 I sat on my sofa one evening doodling around on my laptop. I started sketching the bookcases across the room, then started daydreaming about how the room looks at Christmas. One thing led to another, and I ended up creating an "online advent calendar." I sent it out instead of Christmas cards, and I've made an online advent calendar every year since. Each of these calendars is just a click away.  


Dog looking at stockings

Build up Christmas in the room in front of me. Click on a new Christmassy detail each day to see it grow.


Rootabaga train scene

I illustrated Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories for an exhibit at the Oak Park Public Library, and for this calendar.


Candle with crayons

This is the most personal calendar. Each day shares one of the things Christmas means to me.



Reading elves

Each day is an illustrated link in a paper chain you can print and put together to decorate your home.


Elf under tree

My first animation, with music by Mason Jennings (but sadly the music doesn't play on phones or tablets).


Bowing clown

Circus Circus Circus! I got lost researching and illustrating and writing all things circus. For months.



Monkey toy

This is my brief memoir told in Christmas cards. I've been designing them ever since 1972.



Can you guess which book this comes from?

A literary guessing game. I made videos as I developed illustrations from various books. Michael Jennings did the music.


Can you guess which book this comes from?

Illustrations of some of my ornaments serve as portals to memories, reflections, and favorite things.


Can you guess which book this comes from?

This year, I'm playing with the numbers. My brother inspired me to do this with a comment he made: see December 25.


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