Hannah's 2020 Advent Calendar: 25 StarfishSpace ornament
I found many hours of peace as I illustrated some of my ornaments in this, the year of our discontent: 24 crecheChristmas ornaments are portals to memories, reflectiosn, and favorite things: Space ornament
8 Felted Santa Claus19 Tin Soldier10 Snowy Owl
3 Candy Moon17 Gold Fish19 Tin Soldier12 Angel Sophia
13 Peacock21 Taxi with Christmas Tree14 Demon
5 Antique bulb13 Peacock1 Jazzy Christmas Tree4 Tiger23 Cabin
7 Japanese Origami Lady15 Greek Boy16 Flamingo
22 Nicodemus Ornament2 Dancing Santa and Mrs. Claus15 TIn Greek Boy11 Yarn Chicken16 Flamingo9 Wooden Airplane
 Bead Man20 Spiral Christmas Tree18 Glittery Moon Bulb

Note: these ornaments were created using Adobe Illustrator. The sizes are adjusted to fit and to be consistent, but otherwise the illustrations are about as realistic as I could make them.
They are high enough resolution to be enlarged if you want a closer look.



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