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Stone Worlds cover and book design Quality
Surface Tensions cover
Creativity in Museum Practice
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Jennings and Jennings
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Progressive Museum Practice by George Hein Ethnography Lessons: A Primer Denzin09 The Power of Touch cover Quality
The Archeologists' Book of Quotations The Cultural Theorists Book of Quotations Dictionary of Advertising and Marketing Concepts P Bula: Sailing
Understanding American Icons Life After Leaving The Museum Experience Revisited by John Falk & Lynn Dierking Heads of State In Good Faith
Box Office Archaeology cover and book design Handbook of Autoethnography Performance Leaning Practical Ethnography
Reuben's Fall Spirits with Scalpals What Objects Mean Stone Worlds
Converstions about Qualitative Communication Research Judging Exhibitions cover, book, and CD design The Magic of Fashion Interpretive Planning in Museums Staring at the Park
Guidebooks, annual reports, brochures, and folders
Cantgny Mansion guidebook North Central Mental Health Services folder, annual report, and related design School of the Art Institute of Chicago brochure        
Chicago Zoological Society Annual Report    
  Joint Commission on Accreditation folder and book cover design Brevard Zoo map      
Invitations and posters Invitation to black tie party Brookfield Zoo poster    
Invitation to Dedication Invitation to event for Society for Environmental Graphic Design Kiwanis banquet invitation
  Personal Christmas card Poster for Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo        
Odds and ends
Pages about zoo exhibition
Page about zoo exhibition Toastmaster bookmarks Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals publication Brevard Zoo advertisement    

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