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People's Reviews of Hannah's Work

Hannah's intuitive, playful, and imaginative design for our book Judging Excellence: A Framework for Assessing Excellence is responsive to the content in a way that few books are.  She captured the complex and dynamic process that the "Excellent Judges" went through and communicated it in print and on the CD that goes with the book. I enjoyed working with her, and I have great admiration for her talents and style.

Beverly Serrell
Serrell & Associates

Hannah Jennings is remarkable! She not only knows what looks good on a computer screen but how to market a professional service effectively. And on top of that, she knows how to help clients get the most out of her expertise and still realize their own vision. For this alone I would (and do!) recommend her to everyone I know.

Wendy Lalli
Wendy Lalli, Ltd.

Praise for Jennings and Jennings, designer and editor

In the200 titles we have published over the past five years, we've experimented with many different design and production groups. And, after all this time, we've settled on only a few who we use regularly and without reservation, including the team of Jennings and Jennings. Hannah and Michael are hard working, deadline focused, reasonable, flexible, moderately priced, and creative in their designs and editing. The books turn out interesting, solid, and attractive. Authors are happy, we're happy, book buyers are happy. It doesn't get better than that.

Mitch Allen
Publisher, Left Coast Press

You have both been a joy to work with... you are both so talented and kind, and I am so fortunate to have had you as midwives!

Kristine Muñoz
Department of Communication Studies, University of Iowa

Norris's bookAt the AAM book signing, all the other authors were jealous of our great look; and when I sold them at a conference earlier this year, they just seemed to have a great pickupability. We so much appreciate your time, effort and great good humor in the process with us.

Linda Norris

Thank you Hannah and Michael for your work on the journal—you sincerely were the single most efficient part of any publishing operation I've yet been involved with.

Ted Faust
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

I hope I have the pleasure of working with you again and cannot thank you enough for your patience, creativity, and kindness—not to mention your kick-ass professionalism and skill.

Spry's bookSophie Tamas, Ph.D.
Queen's University

I've told so many that I have felt very fortunate to be working with you both. I so very much love the layout and design. Thank you so so much for making it beautiful, engaging, readable!

Tami Spry, Ph.D.
Department of Communication Studies
St. Cloud State University

Big Picture


At a recent job fair, a young woman said she had not thought she would be interested in working at North Central until she saw your images. They just drew her in. She liked the art and the message: "See the person not the illness."

Susan Jennings
North Central Mental Health Services

Hannah is a big picture person. In meetings, she steps back and looks at fundamental goals when details are under debate. I'm impressed with her objectivity.

Carol Naughton
Carol Naughton + Associates

Hannah is that unusual combination, a skilled designer who is also a good thinker.

Judy Rand
Rand and Associates


Hannah is always creative when faced with design and exhibit development issues. She was a critical player on many of the zoo's teams to develop innovative exhibits, effective signage, appropriate wayfinding, and attractive print pieces. She was frequently called upon to assist teams struggling with design issues, often coming into the process in the middle and having to get up-to-speed quickly.

Hannah is a strong advocate for visitors, as well as the zoo's development process.

Cynthia Vernon
Chief Operating Officer, Monterey Bay Aquarium

I remain very grateful for your experience, insight, talent and vision with the website.

Margot McMahon


Stone Worlds book coverYou have done a fantastic design job that is imaginative and truely evokes our senses of Leskernick and the Moors of Cornwall... so all thanks and can I keep you for the design of the next book?!!

Sue Hamilton
University College London

Hannah Jennings is a creative thinker, an inventive designer, a talented facilitator, a great organizer, and a dependable project manager; a mix of qualities scarce among artists of her caliber.

Katie Slivovsky
Chicago Children's Museum

Everyone raves about the invitations!  They are sensational and convey that the renaming is a very special event!

Patricia Young, for
National Forest Service
and Sawtooth Society


The way Hannah facilitated the group made the workshop experience more successful than similar meetings I've participated in. Everything we did was useful for the final plan.
      I also think that she has a great ability to lead people through the design and then produce the work. Not many can do both.

Jon Brangan
Associate Director
Brevard Zoo

I couldn't have done it without the help of a lot of people, you included. Thank you for designing my final piece. It was beautiful and helped me continue the positive campaign I ran.

Diane Gutenkauf
Alderman, Elmhurst Illinois

Recently, I have been to two job fairs at which we try to persuade college students to apply to work at North Central. Several told me that when our name was on the list of potential employers, they went to our website to learn about us. They were impressed enough that they sought us out to give us resumes.

Susan S. Jennings
Director of Public Relations
North Central Mental Health Services

You've managed very well to get a sense of the excitement that the project had for us.

Dr. Sue Hamilton
University College London


  The website looks and is very organized, informative, appealing, professional, etc. We have had many comments on the looks of our website...they are nice to hear and tell us that our website does improve our reaching out, and generates new  customers. That is what a website should do...I enjoy working with you.

Shelly Sundeng, Clean Fuel business owner

Gosh, you are good. You've created an imaginative and harmonious presentation of my one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Hedda Lubin
Mixed Metals by Hedda Lubin


Easy to Work With

You did amazing! Thank you for really listening. I enjoyed your team spirit and creativity.

Eddie Diaz
Encore Creations

I have sooooooooo much enjoyed working with both of you!

H.L. Goodall, Jr
Arizona State University


You are a world-class listener, and you totally got the idea. I can’t begin to tell you how rare and precious a good listener is! You and Rich are a real pleasure to work with!

Kristine Muñoz
University of Iowa

Hannah, you are such a thoughtful and articulate, consummate professional.

Linda Wilson
Shedd Aquarium


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